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Enabling secure HTTP

Note: The SSL Setup utility is a separate download that can be found at This topic assumes you have downloaded and installed the utility.

The built-in web server used by Network Monitor can use SSL to encrypt all information sent from the web server to the web browser. To enable SSL use the SSL Setup utility installed in the Network Monitor program folder. When SSL is enabled you cannot connect to the interface using an non-encrypted connection.

Configuring the web server

  1. Start the SSL Setup utility in the Kaseya > KNM program menu.
  2. Verify that the path KNM directory field is the correct path to the KNM installation you wish to configure.
  3. Select a certificate from the list.
  4. Press Enable SSL to finish the configuration.
  5. Close the utility and restart Network Monitor.

To disable the SSL encryption, press the Disable SSL button in step 4.

Note: The port used by Network Monitor does not change when enabling SSL. If the port number used by Network Monitor is 8080 the correct URL to access Network Monitor from the local machine is https://localhost:8080 after SSL is enabled.

Creating a certificate for data encryption

  1. Click the button Generate certificate.
  2. In the field Certificate subject enter the fully qualified name of the Network Monitor host machine.
  3. Enter the number of months that this new certificate should be valid for.
  4. Click the Create button.

Note: The certificate that this tool generates will not be a valid certificate for server identification, since it does not have a valid CA (Certificate Authority) field. It will still be usable for encryption and is as secure in that respect as a purchased certificate.

Using your own certificate

  1. Open the Management Console (MMC).
  2. Add a certificate snap-in for the Computer account.
  3. Select the Personal node under Certificates.
  4. In the context menu select All tasks > Import...
  5. Follow the steps provided by the wizard to import the certificate.

When the certificate has been installed, use the SSL Setup utility to select and enable SSL Encryption.


If Network Monitor fails to respond after you restarted the service:

  1. Check if the Network Monitor log file contains any information indicating a failure starting the web server.
  2. Verify that the specified URL is correct.
  3. The certificate used must be accessible by the user account assigned to the Network Monitor service. Logon with the account assigned to the Network Monitor service and start the SSL Setup utility and check if the certificate is visible in the list.