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Request Support

The Request Support page provides multiple ways of contacting Kaseya support.

Note: Please reference our additional documentation before calling support.

  • Support Web Site - Find answers to common questions using the Kaseya Support website at This website provides links to the Kaseya Support Forum and to the Kaseya Support Knowledge Base. The Support Forum hosts an interactive community of Kaseya users that discuss a wide variety of issues and solutions on a daily basis. Subscribe to the forum to get new posts of interest directly emailed to you as new information appears. The Kaseya Knowledge Base provides technical information about installation and usage of the Kaseya IT Automation Framework.
  • Enable Kaseya Support to Logon - Kaseya support engineers can solve problems with your system quickly and efficiently when they can directly access your KServer. Click Create to create a kaseyasupport master user account on your system. The Kaseya Support engineer can use our system to log into your system and help solve any problems.

    Note: We realize the security implications of providing access to your KServer. To protect this logon, your system creates a secure logon. No one has access to the password, not even the Kaseya support engineer. The password gets changed every time you click this button.

  • Kaseya Portal - The Kaseya Portal provides a single point of contact for managing your Kaseya account. You can create and view support tickets with Kaseya, receive training, view announcements of upcoming events and acquire other services. You can also link to the user forum and and knowledge base from this site.

Your Information

Typically Kaseya support needs some basic information about your system to begin providing support. Your user name, email address, Customer ID, and system URL are provided for your convenience.