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System Info

The System Info page displays all DMI / SMBIOS data collected by the system info audit for a selected machine ID.


You can maintain an unlimited number of custom fields of information about managed machines. Custom fields can also be maintained on the Audit > Machine Summary page.

  • New Custom Field - Creates a new custom field.
  • Rename Custom Field - Renames a custom field.
  • Delete Custom Field - Deletes a custom field.

Select a Machine

Select a machine in the middle panel to display data for that machine. When more rows of data are selected than can be displayed on a single page, click the and buttons to display the previous and next page. The drop-down list alphabetically lists the first record of each page of data using the sort order of the selected column on that page.

Displayed Data

  • System Information
    • Manufacturer - system manufacturer
    • Product Name - system product name
    • System Version - system version number
    • System Serial Number - system serial number
  • Network Information
    • IPv4 Address - IP version 4 address assigned to the machine.
    • IPv6 Address - IP version 6 address assigned to the machine.
    • Subnet Mask - Networking subnet assigned to the machine.
    • Default Gateway - Default gateway assigned to the machine.
    • Connection Gateway - IP address seen by the KServer when this machine checks in. If the machine is behind a DHCP server, this is the public IP address of the subnet.
    • Country - The country associated with the Connection Gateway.
    • MAC Address - MAC address of the LAN card used to communicate with the KServer.
    • DHCP Server - The IP address of the DHCP server used by this machine.
    • DNS Server 1, 2 - IP address of the DNS servers assigned to the machine.
  • Chassis
    • Chassis Manufacturer - manufacturer of the enclosure
    • Chassis Type - enclosure type
    • Chassis Version - enclosure version number
    • Max Memory Slots - total number of memory module slots available
    • Chassis Serial Number - serial number on the enclosure
    • Chassis Asset Tag - asset tag number on the enclosure
  • Motherboard
    • Motherboard Manufacturer - motherboard manufacturer
    • Motherboard Product - motherboard product ID
    • Motherboard Version - motherboard version number
    • Motherboard Serial Num - motherboard serial number
    • External Bus Speed - motherboard bus speed
  • CPU/RAM Information
    • Processor Manufacturer - processor manufacturer
    • Processor Family - processor type installed
    • Processor Version - processor version ID
    • CPU Max Speed - max processor speed supported
    • CPU Current Speed - speed processor is currently running at
    • CPU - Processor make and model.
    • Quantity - The number of CPUs.
    • Speed - Clock speed of the processor.
    • RAM - MBytes of RAM on the machine.
    • Max Memory Size - maximum memory size the motherboard can hold
    • Max Memory Slots - Total number of memory module slots available.
  • Custom Fields - Displays custom fields and their values.
  • On Board Devices - Lists motherboard based devices (like video or ethernet).
  • Port Connectors - Lists all the connections available on the chassis.
  • Memory Devices - Lists memory modules installed on the motherboard.
  • System Slots - Displays the status of each available card slot.