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Agent Logs

The Agent Logs page displays log data related to managed machines. There are corresponding log reports for each type of log provided.

Note: The system automatically limits the number of log entries per log type per machine to 1000. Once the limit has been reached, log entries exceeding the limit are archived, if archiving is enabled, and deleted from the system. The archive option is set in Log History.

Machine ID

Click the hyperlink of a machine ID to list all logs for that machine ID.

Select Log

Select a log from the Select Log drop-down list. The types of logs available include:

  • Alarm Log - Lists all alarms triggered for the selected machine.
  • Monitor Action Log - The log of alarm conditions that have occurred and the corresponding actions, if any, that have been taken in response to them.

    Note: A counter value of -998 in the monitor logs indicates the monitor set is returning no data. Check that the the Performance Logs & Alerts service in Windows is running. This is a pre-requisite for monitoring of performance counters.

  • Agent Log - Displays a log of agent, system, and error messages.
  • Configuration Changes - Displays VSA settings changes for the selected machine
  • Network Statistics - Displays a log of send/receive data for network applications.

    Note: This log requires the Audit > Network Access driver be enabled. This driver inserts itself into the TCP/IP stack to measure TCP/IP-protocol-based network traffic by application. The driver is disabled by default.

  • Event Logs - Displays event log data collected by Windows. Not available for Win9x. Only event logs that apply to the selected machine display in the event log drop-down list.
  • Agent Procedure Log - Displays a log of successful/failed agent procedures.
  • Remote Control Log - Displays a log of successful/failed remote control sessions.
  • Log Monitoring - Displays Log Monitoring entries.

Events per Page

Select the number of rows displayed per page.

Start Date / End Date / Refresh

Select a range of dates to filter log data, then click the Refresh button.


Applies to Event Logs only. Click Filter... to restrict the amount of data displayed. You can specify a different advanced filter for each event category and column of data displayed.

Apply event log filter

Applies to Event Logs only. The event log filter includes options defined using the Filter... button. If Applied event log filter is checked, filtering is applied.

Select Page

When more rows of data are selected than can be displayed on a single page, click the and buttons to display the previous and next page. The drop-down list alphabetically lists the first record of each page of data.