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Import / Export

The Import / Export page imports and exports machine ID account settings as XML files, including scheduled agent procedures, assigned monitor sets and event sets. Log data is not included in the import or export. You can use Import / Export to migrate machine ID account settings, including machine ID templates, from one KServer to the next.

Note: See Copy Settings for a list of the types of settings associated with a machine ID account.

Note: For the latest instructions on migrating an existing KServer to a new machine see Moving the Kserver section in the the KB article latest Kserver installation and upgrade user guide.

Note: Sample templates for specific types of machines can be imported and are available on the Kaseya forum in our Kaseya Connections website at

To Export Machine ID Settings

  1. Click the select the machine link. A machine selection dialog box displays.
  2. Optionally filter the display of the machine IDs listed using the machine ID / group ID filter.
  3. Click a machine ID link to export. The machine ID you selected now displays on the Import / Export page.
  4. Click Export. The page displays an XML statement of the agent settings being exported.
  5. Export the XML statement by:
    • Copying the XML text to the clipboard.
    • Right-clicking the Download link and selecting the Save Target As option to save the XML text as an XML file on your local computer.

To Import Machine ID Settings

  1. Click Browse to select an XML file representing the settings of a machine ID account. Typically these XML files are created by exporting them from another KServer.
  2. Click Import. A set of additional options displays.
  3. Accept or specify the name of the machine ID. A new one is created if this name doesn't already exist in the KServer.
  4. Accept or select a different group ID.
  5. Optionally check the box next to Replace existing data if this machine ID already exists.
  6. Optionally change the email notification address for all alerts defined for this machine ID account.
  7. Click Finish to complete the import.