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Distribute File

The Distribute File function sends files stored on your VSA server to managed machines. It is ideal for mass distribution of configuration files, such as virus foot prints, or maintaining the latest version of executables on all machines. The VSA checks the integrity of the file every full check-in. If the file is ever deleted, corrupted, or an updated version is available on the VSA, the VSA sends down a new copy prior to any procedure execution. Use it in conjunction with recurring procedures to run batch commands on managed machines.

Note: The procedure command Write File performs the same action as Distribute File. Each time a procedure executes the Write File command, the agent checks to see if the file is already there or not. If not, the file is written. Write File is better than Distribute File for sending executable files you plan to run on managed machines using agent procedures.

Select server file

Select a file to distribute to managed machines. These are the same set of files managed by clicking the Manage Files... link on this page.

Note: The only files listed are your own private managed files or shared managed files. If another user chooses to distribute a private file you can not see it.

Specify full path and filename to store file on remote machine

Enter the path and filename to store this file on selected machine IDs.

Manage Files...

Click the Manage Files... link to display the Manage Files Stored on Server popup window. Use this window to add, update, or remove files stored on the KServer. This same window displays when you click the Managed Files button using Schedule / Create. Private files are listed with (Priv) in front of the filename.


Click the Distribute button to start distribution management of the file selected in Select server file and write it to the location specified in Specify full path and filename to store file on remote machine. This effects all checked machine IDs.


Click the Clear button to remove the distribution of the file selected in Select server file from all checked machine IDs.

Warning: Clear and Clear All do not delete the file from either managed machines or the KServer. These functions simply stop the integrity check and update process from occurring at each full check-in.

Clear All

Clear All removes all file distributions from all checked managed machines.

Select All/Unselect All

Click the Select All link to check all rows on the page. Click the Unselect All link to uncheck all rows on the page.

Check-in status

These icons indicate the agent check-in status of each managed machine. Hovering the cursor over a check-in icon displays the agent quick view window.

Online but waiting for first audit to complete

Agent online

Agent online and user currently logged on.

Agent online and user currently logged on, but user not active for 10 minutes

Agent is currently offline

Agent has never checked in

Agent is online but remote control has been disabled

The agent has been suspended

Machine.Group ID

The list of Machine.Group IDs displayed is based on the Machine ID / Group ID filter and the machine groups the user is authorized to see using System > User Security > Scopes.

Server File

The name of the file being distributed.

Agent File Location

The target directory on the managed machine. To the left of each target file location for a specific machine ID are two icons. Click to cancel that file distribution for that machine ID. Click to edit the destination path and filename for that machine ID.