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Install Issues and Failures

The following issues and failures can occur when installing agents:

  • Invalid Credential - The credential bound to the package must have administrator rights on the local machine. The agent installs as a system service requiring full administrator privileges to install successfully. The administrator name may be a domain user of the form domain\administrator or administrator@domain. On Vista, 7, and 2008 machines, ensure User Account Control (UAC) is disabled for the administrator rights credential being used.
  • Domain Specified for a Machine Not in the Domain - If, in step 2 of package creation in Deploy Agent, the Domain Name option is selected and the computer is not part of a domain, an installation package will peg the CPU at 100% during install, but eventually install.
  • Blocked by Anti-Virus Program - Some anti-virus programs may classify the agent installation as a security threat and block its execution.
  • Blocked by Security Policy - Local or domain security policies may prevent access to the installation directory, typically by default the Program Files directory.
  • Insufficient Licenses - The agent may be prevented from checking in the first time and creating an account if there are insufficient VSA licenses available. When this happens a gray K icon appears in the system tray just after the agent is installed on the machine and never turns blue. A tooltip displays when the cursor is placed over the gray agent icon and reports "'Machine ID.Group ID' not recognized by the KServer".


  • Macintosh agents cannot be deployed silently without a valid username and password.

Using Active Directory

These types of failures apply when an agent is installed using View AD Computers or View AD Users:

  • Port Blocked - Active Directory agent deployment will fail if the KServer assigned port is blocked by a firewall.
  • Authentication Requirement for AD Imported Users - The domain controller that performs the authentication must have Authenticated users set as a member of Local Security policy - Access this computer from the network.