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Application Logging

The Application Logging page controls the logging of application activity on the application server. This function is only visible to master role users and is used primarily by Kaseya support.

  • It is possible to set the level of logging in the log files, from None to Maximum. The amount of information in these logs depends on how much logging is in each application and the level of detail specified by the Application Logging configuration.
  • There are also checkboxes to record the request and response. An XML file is created in \Kaseya>Xml>Log for each request and each response. In addition, there is an option to log transactions. When this is checked, another XML file is created in this same directory for each database update.
  • There are options to filter by queue. This is to help narrow down the amount of information that goes into the log.
  • The Log tab displays log records. This table supports selectable columns, column sorting, column filtering and flexible columns widths.