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Update Agent

The Update Agent page schedules managed machines to be updated with the latest version of the agent software at the agent's next check-in. Updating the agent software makes no changes to the agent settings you have defined for each agent.

Update Agent

Click Update Agent to schedule selected machines to be updated.

Remind me at logon when agents need an update

If checked, a popup window displays when VSA users logon if managed machines under their control need to be updated with the latest version of the agent software. The reminder only displays if at least one agent within the VSA user's scope requires updating. Users can disable this feature at logon time and can re-activate it by selecting this checkbox.

Force update even if agent is at version x.x.x.x

If checked, machines selected for update are updated with new files to replace the agent files on the managed machine, even if the agent version is currently up to date. This performs a "clean" installation of the agent files.

After update run agent procedure <select agent procedure>

Select an agent procedure to run immediately after an agent update completes. This capability lets you re-apply customizations to an agent that may be lost after an agent update. Typically these customizations involve hiding or renaming agent identifiers on managed machines so as to prevent users from recognizing the agent is even installed.

Cancel Update

Click Cancel Update to cancel a pending update on selected managed machines.

Select All/Unselect All

Click the Select All link to check all rows on the page. Click the Unselect All link to uncheck all rows on the page.

Check-in status

These icons indicate the agent check-in status of each managed machine. Hovering the cursor over a check-in icon displays the agent quick view window.

Online but waiting for first audit to complete

Agent online

Agent online and user currently logged on.

Agent online and user currently logged on, but user not active for 10 minutes

Agent is currently offline

Agent has never checked in

Agent is online but remote control has been disabled

The agent has been suspended

Machine.Group ID

The list of Machine.Group IDs displayed is based on the Machine ID / Group ID filter and the machine groups the user is authorized to see using System > User Security > Scopes.

Agent Version

The version of the agent software running on the managed machine. Version numbers in red indicate that the version on the agent machine is not the same as the latest version available.

Update Agent Procedure

The agent procedure assigned to run when the agent is updated.

Last Update

The date the agent was last updated on the managed machine. Since the server must wait for the managed machine to check-in, according to the check-in schedule as specified in Agent > Check-In Control, Pending displays in the Last Update column until the next check-in occurs.