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Audit - Network Statistics

The Network Statistics report definition generates a report displaying the top consumers of TCP/IP-protocol-based network bandwidth on selected machines. Typically this report refers to bandwidth consumption caused by accessing both internal and external internet sites, but can include internal LAN traffic that also uses the TCP/IP protocol.

Configure your report definition using the following parameters:

Time Selection

  • Select the Time Range Type - Filters by a fixed type of date range.
  • Number Of Days - Applies only if Last N Days is selected time range type.
  • Custom Start DateTime - Applies only if Fixed Range is select time range type.
  • Custom End DateTime - Applies only if Fixed Range is select time range type.

Report Parameters

  • Applications - Displays a graph outlining each application and corresponding network bandwidth consumption over the specified period.
  • Machines - Displays a graph outlining the machines selected in the machine ID / group ID filter and corresponding network bandwidth consumption.
  • Display <N> Consumers of Bandwidth - The number of top consumers of bandwidth included in the report, either applications or machines.

Note: This report requires the Audit > Network Access driver be enabled. This driver inserts itself into the TCP/IP stack to measure TCP/IP-protocol-based network traffic by application. The driver is disabled by default.