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Installing Linux Agents

Note: See System Requirements for supported Linux operating systems and browsers.

Installing Linux Agents Manually

  1. From a Linux machine open a Firefox or Chrome browser in a Gnome session and log into the VSA.
  2. Display the Agent > Install Agents > Deploy Agents page.
  3. Click the Click to download default Agent hyperlink to begin downloading the the default agent install package. A Linux agent install package will download.

    Note: Alternately, you can create your own Linux package by pressing Create Package and stepping through the wizard.

  4. Once the download is complete, locate the file in the download directory of the Linux machine.

    Note: If you have downloaded KcsSetup.exe or, you have downloaded the wrong install file because the selected install package is dedicated to Windows or Macintosh installs.

  5. Issue the following commands as root:
    # chmod +x
    # ./

    The agent installs and starts. Log into your VSA and view the status of the agent.

    For further information see the install log file, located at:
    where <pid> is the process id of the ./ execution.

    Note: Run -V -D for verbose terminal output.

    Note: Run -X to save the temp files created in the /tmp file. Saving these files is useful when troubleshooting a failed install.

  6. After the Linux agent is installed, log in and log out to see the Kaseya agent icon in a Gnome panel.

Installing Linux Agents Using LAN Watch and Install Agents

  1. Schedule a LAN Watch scan using an existing Linux agent as the discovery machine.
  2. Install a Linux agent on a discovered Linux machine, using the Install Agents page.
    • Enter root in the Admin Logon field.
    • Enter the password for the root user of the targeted Linux machines in the Password field.
    • Select an agent install package in the Select an Agent Package to install field.
    • Check the checkboxes next to one or more targeted Linux machines, or enter the IP address or name of a targeted Linux machine in the undiscovered machine field.
    • Click the Submit button.

    Note: The Install Agents page does not currently distinguish between Linux and other systems. It is the installer's responsibility to select only Linux systems.

Uninstalling a Linux Agent Manually

A <install-dir>/bin/KcsUninstaller always gets installed with the agent and will remove the agent. Agents are typically installed to the /opt directory.

  1. Issue the following commands as root:
    # ./KcsUninstaller

Note: Run the command ./KcsUninstaller -D -V to uninstall the agent with verbose terminal output.