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Universal Restore

The Universal Restore page enables you to restore the backup image of a system. The restore can be to a different hardware platform or to a virtual machine. Universal Restore requires someone at the machine to boot from the CD and navigate through the recovery wizard to restore the backup image. Manual recovery requires a user with knowledge of the Image Location path and the Image Password to restore a backup image.

A damaged boot volume may prevent a system from even booting. To restore images to the system partition, requires that the system boot from a separate partition. This recovery CD provides that image. Follow the on screen instructions to create the recovery CD and restore a volume.

Note: With CD Recovery, once the target machine boots up from the CD, no further user interaction is required. With Universal Restore, the user at the machine must navigate through the recovery wizard after the machine boots up from the CD.

ISO Image File Builds

A recovery boot CD is created using an ISO image file that you download and burn to a CD. If you discover the recovery boot CD you are using fails to restore a particular backup image file, try creating a new recovery boot CD using a different build version of the ISO image file. You can display the list of ISO image file versions supported by Kaseya by clicking the hyperlink in the sentence If there are any problems with the Recovery Boot CD, you may download additional builds here.

Dynamic Disk Restores

Dynamic storage involves dividing a physical disk into multiple volumes or combining a physical disk with other physical disks to form volumes that are greater in size than any one physical disk. A traditional disk volume is called a "basic" disk volume. BUDR supports the following basic and dynamic backup and restore combinations:

  • backup basic disks
  • backup dynamic disks
  • restore basic volumes to basic disks
  • restore basic volumes to dynamic disks
  • restore dynamic volumes to basic disks
  • restore dynamic volumes to dynamic disks

Note: While Universal Restore supports restoration of dynamic disks to similar hardware, it does not support restoration of dynamics disks to different hardware platforms that require new drivers. To restore to different hardware platforms, you must restore the dynamic disk backup to a basic disk.