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Set SNMP Type

The Set SNMP Type page assigns types to SNMP devices manually. SNMP devices assigned to one of these types are monitored by SNMP sets of the same type. You can also give individual SNMP devices custom names and descriptions as well as remove the device from your database.

Most SNMP devices are classified as a certain type of SNMP device using the MIB object system.sysServices.0. For example, some routers identify themselves as routers generically by returning the value 77 for the system.sysServices.0 MIB object. You can use the value returned by the system.sysServices.0 MIB object to auto assign SNMP sets to devices, as soon as they are discovered by a LAN Watch.

Note: The entire OID for system.sysServices.0 is . or

You can assign SNMP sets to devices by type automatically as follows:

  1. Add or edit SNMP types using the SNMP Device tab in Monitor > Monitor Lists.
  2. Add or edit the value returned by the MIB object system.sysServices.0 and associated with each SNMP type using the SNMP Services tab in Monitor > Monitor Lists.
  3. Associate a SNMP type with a SNMP set using the Automatic Deployment to drop-down list in Monitor > SNMP Sets > Define SNMP Set.
  4. Perform a LAN Watch. During the LAN Watch SNMP devices are automatically assigned to be monitored by SNMP sets if the SNMP device returns a value for the system.sysServices.0 MIB object that matches the SNMP type associated with those SNMP sets.

You can also assign SNMP sets to devices manually as follows:

  1. Assign a SNMP type to an SNMP device using Monitor > Set SNMP Type. Doing so causes SNMP sets using that same type to start monitoring the SNMP device.


Applies the selected SNMP type to selected SNMP devices.


Removes selected SNMP devices from your database. If the device still exists the next time a LAN Watch is performed, the device will be re-added to the database. This is useful if a device's IP or MAC address changes.

Select All/Unselect All

Click the Select All link to check all rows on the page. Click the Unselect All link to uncheck all rows on the page.


List of SNMP devices generated for the specific machine ID by a LAN Watch.


The SNMP type assigned to the SNMP device.

Custom Name

The custom name and custom description assigned to the SNMP device. If a device is given a custom name, the custom name displays instead of the SNMP name and IP address in alarms and in the SNMP log. To change the custom name and description click the edit icon next to the custom name.

Device IP

The IP address of the SNMP device.

MAC Address

The MAC address of the SNMP device.


The name of the SNMP device.