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The Documents page stores files associated with a machine ID. For example, you can upload scanned copies of purchase receipts, contract information, and configuration notes specific to a machine ID. Uploaded documents are stored in the User Profiles directory of the KServer. For example: C:\Kaseya\UserProfiles\368905064566500\Docs.

Note: Documents are not included in the backup of the KServer database using System > Configure. A separate backup of KServer files and directories should be performed as well.

To Store a Document

  1. Click a ID link. The list of machine IDs you can select depends on the machine ID / group ID filter. Documents previously stored on the KServer for this machine ID display or else No files found displays.
  2. Click Browse to locate a file on your local computer or LAN.
  3. Click Upload to upload the file to the KServer.

    The added Filename displays, along with its file Size and the date/time of the Last Upload.

New Folder

Optionally click the New Folder icon and link to create a new folder to store documents in for the selected managed machine.


You can click a Filename link or edit icon to display a file or run the file, depending on the application the filename extension is associated with on your local machine.


Click the delete icon to delete a stored document or folder from the KServer.