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The VSA manages machines by installing a software client called an agent on a managed machine. The agent is a system service that does not require the user to be logged on for the agent to function and does not require a reboot for the agent to be installed. The agent is configurable and can be totally invisible to the user. The sole purpose of the agent is to carry out the tasks requested by the VSA user. Once installed:

  • An agent icon—for example the agent icon—displays in the system tray of the managed machine. Agent icons can be custom images or removed altogether.
  • Each installed agent is assigned a unique VSA machine ID / group ID / organization ID. Machine IDs can be created automatically at agent install time or individually prior to agent installation.
  • Each installed agent uses up one of the available agent licenses purchased by the service provider.
  • Agents are typically installed using packages created using Agent > Deploy Agents inside the VSA.
  • Multiple agents can be installed on the same machine, each pointing to a different server.
  • A check-in icon displays next to each machine ID in the VSA, displaying the overall status of the managed machine. For example, the check-in icon indicates an agent is online and the user is currently logged on.
  • Clicking a check-in icon displays a single machine interface for the managed machine called Live Connect. Live Connect provides instant access to comprehensive data and tools you need to work on that one machine.
  • Hovering the cursor over a check-in icon displays an agent quick view window immediately. You can launch an agent procedure, view logs or launch Live Connect from the agent quick view window.