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Live Connect

The Live Connect page displays by clicking any check-in icon, for example , next to any machine ID in the VSA. Live Connect enables you to perform tasks and functions solely for one managed machine. A menu of tabbed property sheets provide access to various categories of information about the managed machine.

  • Home - The first view displayed when the Live Connect window opens. You can customize the Live Connect Home page using System > Customize: Live Connect.
  • Agent Data - Displays agent data and initiates agent tasks on the managed machine.
  • Audit Information - Displays the software and hardware configuration of the managed machine.
  • File Manager - Provides two file managers, one for your local machine and one for the remote machine ID, enabling you to browse and transfer files between the two machines.
  • Command Shell - Opens a command shell into the managed machine.
  • Registry Editor - Displays the registry of the managed machine ID. You can create, rename, refresh or delete keys and values and set the data for values.
  • Task Manager - Lists Task Manager data for the managed machine.
  • Event Viewer - Displays event data stored on the managed machine.
  • Ticketing - Displays and creates tickets for the managed machine.
  • Chat - Initiates a chat session with the currently logged on user of the managed machine.
  • Desktop Access - Initiates a remote desktop session with the managed machine.
  • Anti-Malware - Displays the Anti-Malware status of the managed machine, if installed.
  • Anti-Virus - Displays the Antivirus status of the managed machine, if installed.
  • Discovery - Displays the Network Discovery status of the machine, if installed.
  • Video Chat - Initiates a audio/video chat session with a logged on machine user.

This same Live Connect window displays when a machine user clicks the agent icon in the system tray of the managed machine, with certain restrictions applied. This machine user view of Live Connect is called Portal Access.

Note: For more details, see Remote Control > Live Connect.