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Customize: Live Connect

The Customize: Live Connect page customizes Home tabs that display in the Live Connect and Portal Access windows. You can create multiple, customized Home tabs and save them by name.

These Home tabs are enabled for a particular role by checking the checkbox underneath Live Connect > Home in:

Note: You can download a Live Connect PDF from the first topic of online help.

You can customize three sections on the default Home page.

  • Portal Header - Customize the text and image displayed at the top of the Home tab.
  • Agent Procedures - Provide a customized list of agent procedures that the user can run immediately from this tab.
  • Custom Links - Provide a customized list of URLs that the user can click using this tab. For example, you could provide a URL to a website page providing technical information used to troubleshoot problems on managed machines.

Make available to All Tenants

If checked, this Home page can be added to user roles and machines roles on all tenant partitions. This option only displays for master role users.