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Portal Access

The Portal Access page defines the logon name and password, by machine ID, required to use Live Connect as a machine user remotely. A Live Connect session run by a machine user is called Portal Access. The functions displayed using Portal Access are determined by the System > Machine Roles > Access Rights tab.

Note: You can download a Live Connect PDF from the first topic of online help.

Note: See Enabling Ticketing for Portal Access Users on Unsupported Browsers.

Accessing Portal Access Locally

Machine users do not have to logon to Portal Access locally. Clicking the agent icon in the system tray of their machine initiates the Portal Access session without having to logon.

Accessing the Portal Access Logon Page Remotely

A machine user can display the Portal Access logon page for their own machine from another machine as follows:

  1. Browse to the http://your_KServer_address/access/ page, substituting the appropriate target KServer name for your_KServer_address in the URL text.

    Note: This is the same page that VSA users use to logon to the VSA.

  2. Logon by entering the user name and password assigned to the machine ID. The user name and password is specified using the Agent > Portal Access page.

    The Portal Access page displays. The machine user can click any menu option as though he or she were logged in from their own managed machine. The machine user can click the Desktop or File Transfer menu options to initiate a remote connection to their own machine, create or view ticket, or initiate a chat, if these options are enabled by machine role.

Re-Enabling User Logons

Machine user logons follow the same Logon Policy as VSA user logons. If a user attempts to logon too many times with the wrong password their account will automatically be disabled. You can re-enable the logon by setting a new password or waiting for the disable account time to lapse.

Customizing Portal Access

Portal Access sessions can be customized using System > Customize > Live Connect, including adding a logo, welcome page and links to other URLs.

Logon Name

Enter the Logon Name the user must use to log into the VSA to initiate chat sessions, enter or view tickets and/or get remote access to their machine. Logon names and passwords are case sensitive. Passwords must be at least six characters long. The Logon Name defaults to the machineID.groupID name.

Create Password, Confirm Password

Define a password for the machine user logon. Passwords must be at least 6 characters long. The machine user can change the password after the VSA user assigns one.


Click Apply to apply the Portal Access logon name and password to the selected machine ID.


Permanently remove the Portal Access logon credential from the selected machine ID.

Machine.Group ID

The list of Machine.Group IDs displayed is based on the Machine ID / Group ID filter and the machine groups the user is authorized to see using System > User Security > Scopes.

Logon Name

The Portal Access logon name assigned to this machine ID.

User Web Logon

Displays Enabled if a Portal Access logon name and password has been assigned to this machine ID. Indicates that a machine user can log into the Portal Access page for their own machine remotely using a web browser on any other machine.