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Network Status

The Network Status dashlet is specific for machines assigned monitor sets or devices assigned SNMP sets. This dashlet displays all machine groups and machine IDs matching the dashlet's unique machine ID/group ID filter.

The value of this dashlet is that you can see the current state of monitor sets on machines or SNMP sets on devices dynamically.

Initially the Network Status dashlet displays each machine group as an icon. You can click any group icon to display the machines and SNMP devices within that group. If even a single monitor set or SNMP set is in an alarm state, then the icon for that machine or device displays a red exclamation point. Click any machine icon or device icon to display a list of monitor set alarms or SNMP set alarms that are currently outside their alarm thresholds. Alarms in this list are automatically removed as soon as the monitor set or SNMP set returns to a "no alarm" state.


You can manually force an alarm to return to a "no alarm" state by clicking the Dismiss link for that alarm. The "alarm" state will reappear again if the monitor set or SNMP set crosses its alarm threshold again. The timing of the reappearance depends on the alarm interval criteria defined for that monitor set or SNMP set.

Note: Dismissing an alarm state should not be confused with the Open or Closed status of an alarm record entered in the alarm log, which is displayed, for example, using the Alarm Summary Window. Alarm log entries can remain Open indefinitely, long after the alarm state has returned to "no alarm".