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Group Alarm Status

The Group Alarm Status dashlet summarizes the alarm status of all group alarm categories, for all machine IDs matching the dashlet's unique machine ID/group ID filter. Alert, system check, and log monitoring alarms are automatically assigned to a group alarm category. If an alarm is triggered, the group alarm it belongs to is triggered as well. The group alarm categories for monitor sets and SNMP sets are manually assigned when the sets are defined. Group alarms display in the Group Alarm Status dashlet of the Monitor > Dashboard List page. You can create new groups using the Group Alarm Column Names tab in Monitor > Monitor Lists. Group alarm column names are assigned to monitor sets using Define Monitor Set.

Note: Do not confuse group alarm categories with machine group IDs.

  • Click the machine group ID link to display the group alarm status of all machine IDs and SNMP device IDs included in that machine group ID.
  • Click the Machine ID/SNMP Device ID link to display a Monitor Set Status window for the machine ID and any SNMP devices linked to it.
  • Click any red icon in the table to display the Alarm Summary Window for that combination of group alarm category and machine group ID or group alarm category and machine ID.
  • Click Filter... to filter a dashlet by group alarm category or by machine group ID. Click Reset to return a filtered dashlet back to its default. You can also re-order the display of group alarm categories.