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Due Date Policy

The Due Date Policy page sets the due date for each new ticket based on field values. Any combination of List type fields may be defined to set a due date. This allows you to set a new ticket due date based on the urgency of the ticket and a guaranteed level of service. For example, define a new List type field named Service Level with the following values: Premium, Standard, Economy. Create different due date policies for each combination such as:

  • Set resolution time to 1 Hrs when Priority = High and Service Level = Premium
  • Set resolution time to 7 Days when Priority = Normal and Service Level = Economy

When a new ticket gets created, the due date is set by adding the number of hours in the policy to the current time.

Note: You can change the due date of an existing ticket manually using Create/View.

Overdue Tickets

When a ticket is overdue, the due date displays in bolded dark red text, both in the View Summary page and in Ticketing reports. It also displays in red text in the header of the Create/View page. You can optionally send an email for overdue tickets using Ticketing > Notify Policy. A ticket is resolved when its status is set to closed and the resolution date is recorded.

Order of Precedence

The order of precedence for policy selection is based on the alphabetical sort order of the policy name, which also determines how the policies are listed in the paging area. For example, a policy named of AAA will always be selected before BBB, so long as all of the fields in AAA match the settings of the ticket. You can force policy selection to use the sort order you prefer by naming the policies accordingly. For example, you can add a numerical prefix to each policy name, such as 01, 02, 03, ... and adjust the sort order in this fashion. To rename existing policies, select the edit icon next to a policy name, then enter a new name and click Apply.

Default time to resolve tickets with no policy

Enter the number of hours or days to resolve tickets when new tickets are created that do not match any policy.

Policy Name

Enter a name for a new or selected due date policy.

Resolve Time

When new tickets are created that match the field values in this policy, then the due date is set to this number of hours or days plus the current time.


Select values for one or more List type fields that a new ticket must match to automatically set the due date for the new ticket.

Delete Icon

Click the delete icon to delete a row in the paging area.

Edit Icon

Click a row's edit icon to populate header parameters with values from that row. You can edit these values in the header and re-apply them. The selected row is highlighted in yellow.


The name of the due date policy.


The time added to the current date and time to set the due date policy for a new ticket.

All Other Columns

The values of list fields that must be matched to set a due date for a new ticket using this policy. User defined List fields are maintained using Edit Fields.