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Edit Fields

The Edit Fields page creates fields used to classify tickets and sets the default values for those fields. Fields are associated with the entire ticket, as opposed to each note of the ticket. You can customize the field label and corresponding values of each field, including the mandatory fields. The fields you define here display in the following pages: View Summary, View Ticket, Delete/Archive, Access Policy, Due Date Policy and Email Mapping.

Mandatory Fields

Three mandatory List type fields exist that may not be removed from the system. The values for these list fields can be customized. The mandatory fields are:

  • Category - Classifies tickets by IT category.
  • Status - State of the current ticket: Open, Hold, Closed
  • Priority - High, Normal, Low

Set the next ticket ID to N / Apply

Specify the ticket number for the next ticket. Displays the current "next" ticket number. Click Apply to confirm any changes.

Field Position

Click the up/down arrows to the left of the field label to change the display position for this field in Create/View Tickets.

Field Label

You can modify the label for any field here. Click the Update button to apply the change.


Specify the data type for each field.

  • String - Can contain any text up to 500 characters in length. Best used to hold things like problem location or other variables that do not belong in the summary line.
  • Integer - Can contain any positive or negative integer value
  • List - Lets you create a drop-down list of choices. The choices for List type fields are edited by clicking the <Edit List> value in the Default Value drop-down list.

    Note: Only List type fields display as a selectable drop-down list that can filter the display of tickets in the View Summary and Delete/Archive pages.

  • Number (nn.d) - A number that always shows one digit to the right of the decimal point.
  • Number (nn.dd) - A number that always shows two digits to the right of the decimal point.
  • Number (nn.ddd)- A number that always shows three digits to the right of the decimal point.
  • Number (nn.dddd) - A number that always shows four digits to the right of the decimal point.

Default Value

Creating a new ticket automatically sets each field to its default value. You can specify that default value here.

Note: Default values are system wide and may not be different for different machine group IDs or user roles.

Note: Email Mapping can override the default values selected here for tickets created using Email Reader.

<Edit List>

This value displays in the drop-down list for a List type field in the Default Value column. Click <Edit List> to edit the list of values for that field.


Click Update to confirm changes to field labels, default values, or List type values.


Click New to create a new field.