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Email Mapping

The Email Mapping page assigns default values for new tickets created using the Email Reader. The default values assigned are based on the email address or email domain of the email sender. Matching can be optionally filtered by the text entered in the email subject line. This information overrides the standard defaults defined using Edit Fields.

Email Address or Domain

The email address or domain of the sender.  For example: or

Set map for unassigned emails

If checked, assigns default field values for inbound emails not covered by any other email map.

Subject Line Filter

Assigns ticket defaults when the email subject line matches the filter string. Matching is case insensitive. No wildcard processing is provided. A single *, without any other characters in the filter, means let anything through. Booleans statements are not accepted.

Associate map with

Click the Select association link to associate new tickets created using this map with a machine ID, machine group, organization, department or staff record.


Enter the name of the VSA user assigned to new tickets created using this email map.


Specify the default field values assigned to new tickets created when an email is received by the ticketing system using this map.


Click Create to create a new email map using the header values you have previously selected.

Delete Icon

Click the delete icon to delete this record.

Edit icon

Click the edit icon next to a machine ID to automatically set header parameters to those matching the selected machine ID.