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Uninstall RC

The Uninstall RC page uninstalls WinVNC, K-VNC or RAdmin on selected machine IDs. Multiple types of remote control packages may be installed on a single machine ID. Select the type of package to uninstall from a managed machine using Select Type. When an uninstall is pending on any machine ID this page automatically refreshes every 5 seconds until the procedure completes.

If an existing installation of WinVNC or RAdmin has problems then the VSA may not be able to establish a remote control session. If remote control fails then running Uninstall RC on that machine ID cleans out any existing problem installs. A fresh copy of the remote control package is installed the next time a remote control session is started or using Preinstall RC.

Note: Uninstall RC does not uninstall pcAnywhere or Terminal Server.

Note: Uninstalling an agent does not remove the installed Remote Control package, KBU client, KES client, or KDPM client. Before you delete the agent, use Remote Control > Uninstall RC to uninstall remote control on the managed machine. Uninstall all add-on module clients as well.

Automatic Uninstallation

Uninstall RC is not required for Video Streaming. When either side terminates the Video Streaming session, the remote server on the target machine uninstalls automatically, removing all remote control files and registry additions.


Click Uninstall to uninstall WinVNC, K-VNC or RAdmin on selected machine IDs.


Click Cancel to clear pending uninstall procedures for selected machine IDs.

Select All/Unselect All

Click the Select All link to check all rows on the page. Click the Unselect All link to uncheck all rows on the page.

Check-in status

These icons indicate the agent check-in status of each managed machine. Hovering the cursor over a check-in icon displays the agent quick view window.

Online but waiting for first audit to complete

Agent online

Agent online and user currently logged on.

Agent online and user currently logged on, but user not active for 10 minutes

Agent is currently offline

Agent has never checked in

Agent is online but remote control has been disabled

The agent has been suspended

Remote Control Package

The remote control package assigned to this machine ID. Select the type of package to remote control a managed machine using Select Type.



Remote User


RDP/Terminal Server


Last Status

Pending indicates the uninstall will run the next time that machine checks into the VSA. Otherwise, this column displays when the remote control package was uninstalled on the machine ID.