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Task Manager

The Task Manager page performs the same function as Microsoft's Windows NT/2000 task manager. It lists all currently active processes on a managed machine. Clicking the link of a machine ID tasks the agent on the managed machine to collect 10 seconds of process data at the next check-in. Task Manager displays the results in tabular form. Task Manager supports all Windows operating systems, Windows 95 and up.

Note: You can also use Live Connect to perform Task Manager tasks with a managed machine.


kperfmon.exe is a small program run by the agent to collect task data on the target machine. It only runs while collecting task data. On some OS configurations kperfmon.exe may take about 4% of the CPU during the 10 seconds required to collect data.

Enable / Disable the Machine User's Ability to Access Task Manager Remotely

Users can enable / disable the machine user's access to Task Manager on their own machine remotely from another machine using the System > Machine Roles > Access Rights tab


The name of the process actively running on the managed machine.


The percent of CPU time consumed by that process over the 10 second data collection interval.

Mem Usage

The amount of main memory used by each active process.


The number of active threads associated with each active process.

End Process

You can kill any active process on the managed machine by selecting the radio button to the left of the process name and then clicking the End Process button. In addition to killing the active process, it re-collects the task data again.