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System Log

The System Log page logs events that cannot be tracked by machine ID, for a specified time period. This log captures events not contained in any of the agent logs. Examples include:

  • Deleting machine IDs
  • Failed and successful logon attempts
  • Video streaming sessions
  • Starting/stopping of the KServer
  • Deleting trouble tickets assigned to a group (not a machine)
  • Scheduling reports

Save History to N Days

Click Apply to save system log events for the specified number of days.

Select Page

When more rows of data are selected than can be displayed on a single page, click the and buttons to display the previous and next page. The drop-down list alphabetically lists the first record of each page of data.


The search function acts as a filter on the Description field. Enter a set of words to search for and click the Search button. Only rows matching the search criteria are listed. Use % or * as a wild card. Use the underscore character (_) as a single character placeholder. Text is case insensitive.

Note: This log data does not appear in any reports.