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Import Center

The Import Center page imports and exports automation solutions—user-defined data structures that can be applied to multiple agents—into and out of the VSA. This enables you to migrate automation solutions between VSAs, or import automation solutions from other solution providers. These include:

  • Packages
  • Agent Procedures
  • Agent Templates
  • Event Sets
  • Holiday
  • Monitor Sets
  • Monitor SNMP Sets
  • Patch Policies
  • Sample Exportable Items
  • Views

You can import or export multiple items of multiple types using a single XML. For example, you may want to import a set of agent procedures and monitor sets that are both used together for form a single automation solution.

Imports tab

Use this tab to import an automation solution XML into your VSA.

  • New Import - Select an XML file to import, then click the Process button.
  • View Import Details - Displays a history of the import.

The paging displays a log of the files you have imported.

Exports tab

Use this tab to export an automation solution XML into your VSA.

  • New Export
    1. Select the type of automation solution to export.
    2. Select one or more items of that type to export.
    3. Click the Continue button to add another type of automation solution.
    4. Click the Export button to export. A single XML file is created that is still stored on the Kserver.
    5. Click the hyperlink for the newly exported file that displays in the table grid of the Exports page.
    6. Confirm saving the file to your local machine.
  • View Import Details - Displays a history of the export.