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Monitoring - Monitor Action Log

The Monitor Action Log report definition generates a report of alarm conditions and the actions taken in response to each alarm condition.

A user can assign monitor sets, SNMP sets, alerts, system checks or log monitoring to machine IDs without checking the Create Alarm checkbox and a Monitor Action Log entry will still be created. These logs enable a VSA user to review alarm conditions that have occurred with or without being specifically notified by the creation of an alarm, email or ticket. You can generate a report using Info Center > Reports > Monitoring > Monitor Action Log.

Configure your report definition using the following parameters:

Time Selection

  • Select the Time Range Type - Filters by a fixed type of date range.
  • Number Of Days - Applies only if Last N Days is selected time range type.
  • Custom Start DateTime - Applies only if Fixed Range is select time range type.
  • Custom End DateTime - Applies only if Fixed Range is select time range type.

Report Parameters

  • Monitor Type - Counter, Process, Service, SNMP, Alert, System Check, Security or Log Monitoring.
  • Message Filter - Enter a string to filter alarms by their message text. Include an asterisk (*) wildcard with the text you enter to match multiple records.
  • Sort by Log Event Date Time - Ascending, Descending