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Dashboard List

The Dashboard List page is the VSA's primary method of visually displaying monitoring data, including triggered alarm conditions. The Dashboard List page maintains configurable monitoring windows called Dashboard Views. Each dashboard contains one or more panes of monitoring data called Dashlets. Each VSA user can create their own customized dashboards.

Adding Dashboard Views and Dashlets

To add a new dashboard:

  1. Click to create a new Dashboard View. The new dashboard displays in a popup window.
  2. Enter a Title and Description for your new dashboard.
  3. Click the Add Dashlets tab. A side panel displays a list of dashlets. These choices include:
  4. Check as many checkboxes as you like, then click the Add button. The side panel closes and the Dashlets display in the Dashboard View.
  5. Move and resize the Dashlets within the Dashboard View.
  6. Click the Delete tab to delete dashlets already displayed in the Dashboard View.
  7. Click to save the Dashboard View. Click to save the Dashboard View using a different title and description.
  8. Click Share to share this Dashboard View with other users, user roles or to make it public for all users to use and edit.
  9. Click Take Ownership to take ownership of a Dashboard View. This option only displays for master role users.

Configuring Dashlet Options

You can size and position each dashlet within the Dashboard View. You can also access additional configuration options for each dashlet by clicking the configure icon located in the upper left hand corner of the dashlet. Common configuration options include:

  • Show Title Bar - If checked, displays the dashlet with a title bar.
  • Title - Specifies the title of the dashlet.
  • Refresh Rate - Specifies how often the data in the dashlet is refreshed.
  • Machine - Filters the dashlet by machine ID. Include an asterisk (*) wildcard with the text you enter to match multiple records.
  • Machine Group - Filters the dashlets by group ID. Select <All Groups> to see all groups you are authorized to see.

    Note: Dashlets are unaffected by the main machine ID / machine group filter at the top of the VSA page.

Add Dashboard

Click to create a new dashboard. The new dashboard displays in a popup window.


Enter a title for your dashboard and click the filter icon to filter the list of dashboards listed in the paging area. Include an asterisk (*) wildcard with the text you enter to match multiple records. Enter a different title to rename the dashboard.

My Dashboards

If checked, only the dashboards you are the owner of display.


Displays the view icons available for each dashboard.

- Click to view this dashboard.

- Click to configure this dashboard.

- Click to delete this dashboard.


The owner of the dashboard.

Note: You must take ownership of the dashboard to modify it.


The name of the dashboard.


The description of the dashboard.

Load on Startup

If checked, this dashboard displays when the user logs in. Choices apply only to the currently logged in user.