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The Users page creates and deletes user accounts. This page can also assign users to User Roles and Scopes when the user account is created.


Each user must be assigned at least one role and one scope. You can assign multiple roles and scopes to a user, but only one role and one scope is active at any one time. The active role and scope are selected using the Role and Scope drop-down lists in the top-right corner of the page. You can reset the user's password, enable/disable user logons and log off users if you have access to these functions.

Note: See Master Users vs. Standard Users.

Note: Each user can change their own logon name, password and email address using System > Preferences.

Warning: To simplify management and auditing of your VSA, provide each user with their own unique logon name. Avoid using generic logons like User or Admin. Generic logons make it difficult to audit the administrative actions taken by each user.

Creating a New User

  1. Click New. The Add User dialog box displays.
  2. Enter User Information:
    • Enter a Email Address for the new user.
    • Select an Initial Role for new user.
    • Select an Initial Scope for the new user.
    • Enter a First Name and Last Name.
  3. Optionally enter Related Org Staff Member information:
    • Select a Staff Org.
    • Select a Staff Dept.
    • Enter or select a Staff Member.
  4. Define User Credentials:
    • Enter a User Name.
    • Enter a password in the Password and Confirm Password fields. Passwords are case-sensitive.

      Note: If you would like the system to generate a strong password for you, click Suggest. The new password is automatically entered in the Password and Confirm Password fields. Be sure to write it down before clicking OK and closing the dialog box.

    • Check the Require password change at next logon checkbox to force the user to enter a new password when they first logon.
  5. Click Save. The new user displays in the middle pane.

Changing an Existing User Record

  1. Click a User displayed in the middle pane.
  2. Optional Edit the following attributes of the User record:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Staff Org
    • Staff Dept
    • Staff Member
  3. Optionally add or remove roles using the Roles tab.
  4. Optionally add or remove scopes using the Scopes tab.
  5. Optionally change the password by clicking the Set Password button.
  6. Optionally force a user to change their password by clicking the Force Password button.
  7. Optionally enable / disable user logons by clicking the Enable or Disable buttons.

Set Password

Select a user in the middle pane and click Set Password to change the password for the selected user. Passwords are case-sensitive.

Force Password

Forces a selected user in the middle pane to change their logon the next time they logon.

Enable / Disable

Select a user in the middle pane and click Enable or Disable to enable or disable a selected user's ability to logon to the VSA. This does not affect users already logged onto the VSA. A Disabled column in the middle pane indicates whether a user is prevented from logging on to the VSA.

Log Off

A column in the middle pane indicates whether a user is currently logged on. Select a logged on user, other than yourself, in the middle pane and click Log Off to log off that user. Users are still logged on if they close their browser without logging off. The Minutes of inactivity before a user session expires setting in System > Logon Policy determines when the inactive user sessions are automatically logged off.

Note: See VSA Logon Policies for a summary of functions affecting user logons.