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VSA Logon Policies

Once a VSA user is defined in System > User Security, a number of functions manage when and how users can logon and the features that are available to them during logon.

VSA user logon options are specified using:

  • System > Users - Optionally reset the user's password, or force the user to change his or her password, or enable/disable the user's logon or log a user off.
  • System > Preferences - The Preferences page sets preference options that typically apply only to the currently logged in user.
  • System > Change Logons - The Change Logon page sets your VSA logon username and password. These preference options apply only to the currently logged on user.
  • System > Logon Policy - The Logon Policy page sets logon policies that apply to all VSA users.
  • System > Logon Hours - The Logon Hours page determines when users can logon to the VSA by specifying the weekdays and hours for each user role. Each day of the week can have different hours of operation set.
  • System > Site Customization > Logon Page - Set options that display on the logon page.
  • System > Site Customization > Site Header - Set options that display on the logon page.

Note: Additional logon options for machine users only are set in Agent > Portal Access.

Note: See Embedding the VSA Logon Form in Web Pages.