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Ticketing Overview

The Ticketing module manages service requests. These service requests, and your response to them, are documented using tickets.

The ticketing system automatically notifies designated VSA users and ticket submitters by email for such system events as ticket creation, changes, or resolutions. The system organizes tickets by machine ID, group ID, organization ID, department ID or staff ID. You may wish to create a "generic" organization in System > Manage to hold tickets of a global nature, such as general network problems.

Visibility of Tickets in Other Modules

Tickets can also be viewed using Live Connect and in Info Center > View Dashboard.



View Summary

Lists all tickets. Each row displays summary data for a single ticket.


Create new tickets, or add or modify notes in existing tickets.


Permanently delete tickets or move tickets into archival storage.

Migrate Tickets

Migrate Ticketing tickets to and from Service Desk tickets.

Notify Policy

Determine when email notifications are sent out by the Ticketing module.

Access Policy

Determine who can edit and/or display fields in tickets.

Assignee Policy

Create policies to automatically assign users to a new or existing ticket.

Due Date Policy

Define default due dates for new tickets based on field values and email subject lines.

Edit Fields

Define, modify, or create ticket fields used to classify tickets.

Email Reader

Setup automatic polling of a POP3 email server to generate new ticket entries.

Email Mapping

Define default field values for new tickets received using the Email Reader.